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How to create account for my son (under 13yo)

My son has completed some tasks in his book and his scoutmaster asked him to login to scoutbook.com and mark them as complete. When I go to create an account for him it says anyone under 13 must have a parent create an account. I have a scoutbook.com account but I see no way under my account to create an account for him What is the proper way to do this? Thanks!

@LeviZander - all scouts should already be in scoutbook, so all you are doing is going to his profile, then click edit profile, scroll down to enter his email address, then submit.

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Thanks @Stephen_Hornak! I think I am on the right path now.

@LeviZander - my pleasure… as long as you get to your son’s account in scoutbook and edit the profile you should be well on you way. I can say it is a good motivator for some scouts to be able to enter and see their progress.

One key item that sometimes gets overlooked is that each account requires a unique email address, so the scout’s email must not be the same as a parent’s email. You can work around this, for example in Gmail by using an extension to the email address such as ParentEmail+ScoutName@gmail.com. Scoutbook treats this as a unique email address, while Gmail treats that +ScoutName as a tag, but delivers the email to ParentEmail@gmail.com. You can use the tag to automatically sort or label the incoming emails to make them easier to find.

I suspect, however, that if a scout later creates his or her own email account at my.scouting (e.g. to take training), then they want to create that account with whatever email address that is already attached to their Scoutbook account, to minimize chances of creating a duplicate account. In that case, it might make sense for the scout to update the email address in Scoutbook to their real email address before creating the account at my.scouting. But I suspect that issue is fairly far down the road, given that your scout is not yet 13.


I believe that you can put in advancement for your own son if you have a my.scouting account linked with him. Then your scoutmaster can approve the advancement.

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