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How to deal with death

Hello everyone
Unfortunately this is a hard topic. we had a Scouts grandfather who was active with our Cubs, that passed away from covid-19 . I want our pack to be there for them, but I am unsure how. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Have Dealt with this using the 3 Duties: Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others, Duty to Self

  1. God and Country - Memorial Day and explaining it and BSA participation in it
  2. Duty to others - Your situation - it is the Scouts duty to uphold and support the other Scout and family, and to acknowledge the help the Grandfather gave the pack
  3. Duty to Self - I had a former Scout (18) commit Suicide - So I talked to the Troop and former Scouts at a Troop meeting about the importance of observing the Duty to Self, and if you need help to speak out or reach out.

I think this is something that needs to be very individual because different families have different perspectives on how to acknowledge death and grief. I personally feel that an open approach is best with children because it helps them build resiliency. Other parents do not feel the same and seek to shield their children from some of life’s harsher blows and sadness while young. I would simply email the pack to let them know what has happened, and invite them to respond individually in their own way. Mention that a child can send a card, say a prayer, or simply send an email to the friend. Cubs could also help prepare a meal to be dropped off for the family.

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My troop, when I was growing up, had an ASM die tragically as a police officer (https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1992-04-21-9202050519-story.html). We were older than cubs, so it could be different. We talked about it a bit at a meeting. We all attended his funeral in uniform to pay our respects. He was a great guy that had been in the troop since he was 11, going from Scout to adult over the years. Mike was a great guy that we all looked up to.

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