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How to disable synchronization with your Counsel?

Our counsel keeps adding Scouts to our roster that aren’t in the program anymore. How to we disable this? It’s a constant pain point as these families get our Pack wide emails. They just show up without any warning.

if you have a BSA # from one of the Scouts we can take a look for clues

It seems like you need to check whether or not they are appearing on your official roster at my.scouting.org. If so, it seems like the council is adding them to your registration list, and that will always automatically push to your roster.

Are these folks who dropped either shortly before or shortly after rechartering? Maybe they just haven’t been “removed” from the official roster yet, which is why they keep getting re-added.

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Exactly what I was thinking…



Yes, this is likely what’s happening. We’re reliant upon the Counsel to make updates… Since this doesn’t happen with any degree of efficiency it would be preferable to have some kind of ‘approve’ function for any changes being pushed to us at the pack level to avoid these situations.

What I’ve done before in this situation is to “retain” the scouts in the unit, shuffled into a “holding” den/patrol, with their memberships set to Disapproved (see snapshot below). Disapproved memberships are excluded from email lists and invitee lists, so long as they were disapproved at the time the email/invite list was created. You have to manually or semi-manually go back through existing events to remove them if they are already invited, to prevent reminder emails from going out.

ETA: I should note that, in a holding patrol, they will not automatically disappear when council removes them from your roster (at least they used to hang around). Once they disappear from your roster at my.scouting, you would need to put an end-date on the “disapproved” memberships in Scoutbook for them to fall off of your roster in Scoutbook entirely.

Also, although “disapproved” scouts will still appear on the roster when unit admins look at it, they are invisible to everyone else.

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and what is your council/unit?

Many thanks Charley. I’ll give this a try.

So you are P1530 and this Scout joined P1139? If that is the case the Scout was still on your recharter paperwork that is why they showed back up

As I’m sure you’re aware, the families don’t always communicate their plans. We had to recharter super early this year.

Regardless, there are a million reasons why these types of situations might occur. There needs to be a faster way to update our records with my.scouting.org or put a speed bump between the two systems.

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