How to do years of service from info in Scoutbook (workaround)

I saw a post and someone said you can’t get years of service with Scoutbook. Well, there is kind-of a workaround:

Go to Roster Builder Designer / Select which Scouts and in the right column under Scout Options, select Show Date Joined.

Run that report. Export to CSV. Open in Excel.

When I open in Excel, column A is Scout Number, B is First Name, C is Last Name, D is Date Joined. I added today’s date in Column G. By subtracting date D from date G you get the number of days which you divide by 365 - use this formula - =SUM(G4-D4)/365

That gives you the years of service as an integer.

Hope that helps someone. Maybe it can be refined further but it works for me before our CoH!!

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