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How to ensure accuracy of advancements

I’m advancement chair and committee member. I’m wondering about advancements and how to’s. We currently log all advancements via Scoutbook. I’m wondering if I need to submit any paper documents while advancing a den forward in Scoutbook. Also how do I electronically and physically advance 2nd year Webelos forward out of the pack and into the troop?

Moving the den forward doesn’t require paperwork, per se, but the scouts obviously need to recharter for the following program year.

For moving the scouts from pack to troop, you have to submit transfer paperwork. Just moving them in Scoutbook doesn’t affect the transfer for you. Some councils are accepting scanned & emailed transfer paperwork right now, others are still requiring the actual physical papers be submitted. I’ve heard some councils have all-electronic transfer systems, but mine does not (at least not yet). Scouts should automatically move in Scoutbook when the transfer paperwork is processed. The troops receiving the scouts should be pretty familiar with the mechanics of transferring scouts. They should make sure that the scouts’ current BSA IDs are on the transfer paperwork, and that the “transfer” box is marked.

One caveat for scouts moving from pack to troop is to ensure that all Completed ranks and awards are marked Leader Approved and Awarded before the scouts move over. This can’t be done at the troop level, AFAIK.

ETA: You can pre-emptively move the scouts from pack to troop by using the “Transfer in Scout” tool from the troop side. I believe that it ends all existing memberships (in Scoutbook only!) when the scout is transferred. However, that can be confirmed by the receiving troop by checking the scouts’ Memberships pages. Doing so, however, will expire in 90 days, if the registrar hasn’t processed the paperwork by then (whether due to delays in submitting or in processing).