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How to Enter Activity Logs

How do I put camping, hiking and service hours in the activity logs? It keeps bringing me to Internet Advancement.

The logs have been permanently moved to IA2. Instructions on using the new system are here:

For parents/scouts:

For leaders:

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Ok I have a question about IA , Is it possible to put in multiple dates at once or just keep doing it one at a time ? Thanks

As far as I know, there’s only a one-at-a-time interface.

They should fix that…lol thanks!

No arguments from me. I’m not a big fan of the IA2 interface, but it’s what we have. So, like other volunteers, I suggest changes where I think they’re warranted, and the BSA does whatever it decides to do.

In fairness, the logs in Scoutbook didn’t permit logging of multiple events at once, either. I found the Quick Entry interface far superior to the current interface. The underlying codebase was apparently obsolete/obsolescent, as I understand it, and the BSA decided to move everything to IA2.

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I just became Scoutmaster in November and just started on Scoutbook in March when Covid hit. I am learning as I going. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club. I hear we have T-shirts, but nobody can recall the required path to print them. :rofl:


I think they are with the
…its only 1 hour a week magnets!

Angie Purpura


Thank you very much.

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Looks like your signature line posted your phone number, @Angela_Angie_Purpura. You might want to edit it out. The boards are publicly visible.

@RichardJones4, glad I could point you to the reference material. I wish it had better news, though. :^)

Thank you.

Angie Purpura

Help! I cannot add a scout to a Camping record just created. I click on the name, but it will not “stick”. Then another scout’s name shows up… Ugly

Sounds kinda like the “slippery” scout might have a second membership somewhere. If you check the scout’s memberships in Scoutbook, do they have more than one?

Hi. I don’t get the option to “create or join” after I select an activity. Any ideas on why? I am a parent but also a committee chair. I was trying to add personal hiking for my son. Thanks.

Are you working in the Scouting app or in the IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org) interface? The processes are slightly different in each case.

I’m working in the IA2

Did you generally follow the process listed here?

Thanks. I wasn’t trying to edit. I was trying to add an activity for my son personally but this method provided a way to do it. thanks.

Actually not sure it worked because it says it’s a Unit Hosted activity but it wasn’t. Hmmm?