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How to Handle COH?

Just curious how troops do things?

We give all awards Monthly (even Eagle Patches - not medals/pins/neckers - then Eagle is recognized at a major portion of COH). Then re-recognize at semi-annual COH. What does your troop do?

  • Awards at Meetings then COH
  • Awards at COH
  • Totally Separate Eagle COH

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We will present rank at meetings so the Scouts can wear them longer. MBs and other awards at a quarterly COH. Eagle COH is done at the time and location the Eagle Scout and family desire.


We’ve done it all, pending PLC approval.

In my troop, when a scout earns a rank or merit badge, we recognize them (announce what they earned, congratulate them, give them some applause) at the next troop meeting so that the accomplishment gets immediate positive recognition for the scout. We award them the physical items at our quarterly CoH.

For Eagles, after their Board of Review and once we have been given word that they passed, we recognize them (like above) but maybe with a little more fuss at the next troop meeting because it’s a big deal to earn Eagle.

Scouts in our troop that earn Eagle hold their own Eagle COH, separate from our regular ones. It’s a much more formal ceremony and usually a catered event that’s put on by the Scout and his family. Nothing fancy or overly expensive - it’s often held at our Town Hall Community Room - but it’s treated as the special occasion that it is.

If there is a quarterly COH before the Eagle COH, we’ll recognize the scout there as well, because again, it’s a big milestone to earn Eagle, but the Eagle Rank ceremony is not performed here nor do we present the medal/patch/certificate.

Of course, if the Scout preferred that we did his Eagle ceremony at our regular COH, we would certainly do that and turn it into an Eagle CoH. It’s not a troop requirement that scouts plan and host their own Eagle CoH. That’s just what the scouts in our troop have historically done.

Covid obviously throws a monkey wrench into all of this due to restrictions on indoor venues, but we also haven’t had a scout need an Eagle CoH since last summer. I have two scouts currently working on their Eagle requirements but they still have enough to finish that they likely won’t have to worry about planning an Eagle CoH while our county is a covid hotspot.


We do the same as @edavignon. We also present rank parent pins/pocket certificates at the COH.

Lol! I was going to type out a response and you basically wrote most of what I was going to say.

I will add, traditionally our scouts tend to have their Eagle Board on the same night as our Troop Meeting, if they have the 7pm time slot vs the 8pm time slot, we have them come back to our Troop Meeting and it is announced at our circle up and they are given their Eagle Neckerchief and slide. We like to recognize them in front of our younger scouts as not all families choose to hold an Eagle CoH and even those that do, not everyone can make it. We also recognize our Eagles at our quarterly CoH. Again we want to recognize them in front of the younger scouts and their families.

With COVID we have done our CoH on Zoom, not our preferred method, however, our Charter Org did not allow us to meet in person until March of this year.

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