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How to merge Profiles

I have a parent that moved into a Den Leader Position. How can I merge the two accounts? I have their BSA#s for both accounts.

Have the parent / Den Leader log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu → Manage Member ID

Add both BSA member numbers there, but make sure the one with the Den Leader registration is designated as primary.

If you want to post the BSA member numbers here (no names), we can merge the Scoutbook accounts.

Here you go,


@BrandonHamous this should be all fixed for the user - but admin needs to go assign to a den and make den admin

Hi - there’s also a scout in our troop who has 2 accounts. 1 account has the BSA member # and User ID but the other account has the USer ID only. Please merge:
Member #: 137226855, User ID: 11772367
Member #: None, User ID: 11782575


Hi - another scout in our troop who has 2 accounts with same problem. 1 account has the BSA member # and User ID but the other account has the USer ID only. Please merge:
Member #: 127479155, User ID: 9570490
Member #: None, User ID: 11781814


@VinaVales_Pugh these 2 Accounts are fixed


I have another to fix please. Our Committee Chair has two Scoutbook Profiles.

135509850 & 13652183

The 2nd one has the correct address and contact info but the 1st is the one listed on our roster in Scouting.org

@BrandonHamous those are merged - I can modify her username so she can use it - but she last logged in with her email

Thank you. I’ll check to see if she is able to log in.

Good morning, I have the same problem with one person in our pack.

Member ID 13725301 User ID 2372015
Member ID 13725301 User ID 11658327

Thanks in advance.

@DonnaWidell this is fixed for you - the users Scout had 2 accounts and those are merged as well

Thank you so much for the help in this matter.

Donovan, I’ve been trying to fix this problem from my end using your advise on the forums. I have 2 ID numbers for myself; and I believe I’ve linked them. (1615113 & 137215677). I’m registered as a Den Leader and can access all of my Lions on ScoutBook; but not all of my Lions on the (red) Scouting Mobile App. Any suggestions on that? Is this something that needs to be done on ScoutBook in order to work on the mobile app?

The Scouting mobile app is not intended for leaders to use to manage their dens/units. The mobile app has features for scouts and parents. Scoutbook and IA2 (both web interfaces) are the interfaces for adult leader tasks.

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Well that makes much more sense! Thank you for the clarification. What is IA2?

It’s the “new” Internat Advancement (advancements.scouting.org), as opposed to Scoutbook (scoutbook.scouting.org) or the “old” IA which I never actually used.

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Thanks Donovan.

1 account is fixed. The other account still appears 2 in Scoutbook but now with the same Member and User ID = 137229855/11772367

this is fixed for you

I’m having a similar problem for a few adults. Could you please help?

Adult #1
Member #: 12998921 , User ID: 2328006 (Primary)
Member #: 136905673, User ID: 11261365

Adult #2
Member #: 13422216 , User ID: 2328038 (Primary)
Member #: 108982091, User ID: 3106343

Adult #3
Member #: 13563733 , User ID: 11240281 (Primary)
Member #: 131291127, User ID: 10762972

Thank you!