How to put 2023 recharter doc/app back into edit mode

While reviewing the final re-charter doc prior to Adobe signature, we noticed a small error that needs to be corrected. How can we put the re-charter doc/app back into edit mode so that we can correct? I tried the “reject to sign” option in Adobe but that did not but the re-charter content back in edit mode. Appreciate help with next steps to address our small mistake - thanks.

@ChrisHutchinson What kind of error?

No visible error - just need to get the recharter content back into edit mode. The system only allows me to send it out for signature. And when I reject the signature, it doesn’t go back to edit mode. I can only resend it out for signatures again.

My understanding is that as long as you do not pay for your recharter online, your council Registrar should be able to fix most things at the backend before it posts.

I would recommend contacting your Registrar.

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