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How to reactivate a scout that you have made inactive

Can I reactivate a scout after they have been deactivated in scout book? I had a scout not coming to meetings for 6 months and now wants to come back. How do I find their original records in scout book and bring them back?

go to My Account > My
connections > look there - you should be able to adjust membership

Assuming you can’t find them in your connections, but they’re still registered with your unit, you should be able to “Transfer in scout” on your unit roster at My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster.

I believe that all of the information you need for the Transfer in Scout form is available from the unit roster at my.scouting in Member Manager.

ETA: Actually, you can use Transfer in Scout whether they’re on your official roster or not, but you would need to do more legwork to get the required information, and would need to then update your actual roster with your council registrar.

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