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How to record multiple level leadership awards

Does anyone else here have a Scout who has received the youth leadership award at multiple levels? How did you record that in Scout book?

I understand that making each level of award its own entry in Scoutbook is fairly far down the “to do” list (which is completely understandable, considering the population it would affect is small-ish). However, being is that the population is not zero, I’m wondering how other leaders put this into Scoutbook?

What is the “youth leadership award”?

I had assumed she was referring to this: Sea Scout Leadership Award - Sea Scouts BSA, but I could easily be wrong. Assuming it’s implemented, I would expect that the award has to be entered by the council (similar to certain other non-unit-level awards). I’m curious to hear from someone at SUAC as to whether or not it’s implemented.

The only one that seems to not have checkboxes for multiple levels is the Sea Scout Leadership Award. Venturing has checkboxes for separate Council, Area, Regional, and National Awards. However the SSLA has only one slot in Scoutbook for acknowledging the award. I just had a Scout earn the Area after also earning the Council awards. This conversation is by complete chance as I was doing some Scoutbook logging and ended up surfing my way over here. I find that I can go into the SSLA and check both the Council and the Area checkboxes with separate dates. However, on the Profile page for the Scout, it continues to show only the Council Award. Now I am curious as well. Thank you for bringing it up.

Yes, to clarify, I was referring to the Sea Scout Youth Leadership Awards (it would have been good had I mentioned that!).

David, you are an exactly the same spot I am. I’ve gotten as far as the fact that I can theoretically enter both; but it won’t show anything beyond Council. Also, the lower-level awards were announced before the higher level, so if I have a Scout who has earned both the Council and Area level awards, I can only enter the Area level award by backdating it to the Council award date.

I understand that, as far as the things that needed fixing Scoutbook, this is fairly minor; but I’m still interested in what others have done as a workaround.

I would personally suspect that any district, council, national awards would need to approved and entered by the respective levels much like Eagle on the troop side. Just my thought… I could be totally off base and “over board”

It’s not a matter of who enters it. I don’t have any particular ego in needing to perform the actual click. It’s that, literally, there is not a way to enter both. At least not a way to have them both show up.

@BetsyJackson - my point was that some awards are ONLY entered at the level in which they are noted as earned and awarded. The example of Eagle is just that way… a unit can not enter it…National does.

Yes, that’s true; but it doesn’t really apply to the question here, I don’t think.

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