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How to register a scout for an activity

I’m trying to figure out how to register a scout for an activity both as a leader and a parent. I can see where you join an activity, but it tells me that future dates cannot be logged. So how scouts register for an event?

Did you get an email telling you to RSVP? Otherwise, what is prompting you to “register”?

It sounds like you’re talking about the activity logs in Internet Advancement? If that’s correct, IA will not let you log hours in the future – it’s not set up for RSVPing to an event, but recording who actually showed up for the event.

So there is no way to generate a list of who will be attending. That seems to be a major oversight.

The Scoutbook calendar, which currently is not linked to the activities calendar, has RSVP capability.

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@NealMcGuire - so I am now like totally lost in your posts. First instance was how to I register… to now how do i generate an attendance list… for the love of my sanity… what exactly is the Primary Issue, and apparently it needs to be asked what are the secondary and tertiary and perhaps quaternary issues are.

Really, really long sigh.
So there are two(2) non-connected calendars. One for attendance and one attached to the activity log.
After much guessing, I located the secret spot to click and get to the Scoutbook calendar.

I keep wanting to like this system, but I keep running into half thought out stuff like this. It’s really frustrating.

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I started out by only asking only the portion of how to register (RSVP) a scout to an event. I was taking things one step at a time.

However, what I want fully is to be able to

  1. Create an event
  2. Send out invites to the scouts.
  3. Have them RSVP
  4. From the RSVP create invoices in the scouts accouts and create an expected list
    a) It would be nice if Paypal could be tied in to allow payments.
  5. Record attendance
  6. Assign advancement acheivements
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I’d suggest looking at the following.

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I am a big Scoutbook user and proponent, but I too see areas that need improvement. I don’t like that primary link above the preview of next events. It just doesn’t match the interface expectations that I have. It looks like a heading, not a link.

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@Stephen_Hornak It really doesn’t help users when you shame them because you can’t understand their question, and it makes other not want to ask questions because they will be bullied by people like you. You owe @NealMcGuire and the rest of us an apology for how you addressed this.

I never knew that was a link. Thanks for sharing. Items like this topic remind me that we are beta testers for software that isn’t out of Alpha. Scoutbook is a horrible mess, and since it really isn’t keeping me out of Internet Advancement as was promised, we are moving back to Troopmaster until this gets completely worked out, or we are forced to use it. All the people on here shaming the users when they ask a question isn’t helping anything either. We are not wrong for asking for this thing to work like the most rudimentary software we can pay for works. This is not free software, our Chartering money pays for it and we deserve better.

Sorry… :frowning:

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