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How to remove a merit badge

Hi, My son started Physical Fitness and its showing as one of his Star merit badges but he’s decided to finish his Citizenship in the Nation instead. Also, his Physical Fitness was with a counselor at his old troop. Basically I want to remove Physical Fitness so he can start it after getting his Star and picking a different counselor. Please help.

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Does he have a blue card with some of the requirements signed off? If so, then you can just leave it as in progress. Scoutbook will replace it under Star rank if he completes a different Eagle-required merit badge first.

If he does not have any requirements signed off, then you can remove it by:

  1. Clicking on the merit badge.
  2. Clicking the box next to where it says “Percent Completed”.
  3. Then click on “Remove Merit Badge”.

@DanielGump - who is the scout and who is working on Advancement. Now that I got that out of my system, the process that Jen pointed out will work but the scout can just proceed ahead on the Cit merit badge and once done it will take the place of the personal fitness merit badge.

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Electronic mumbo jumbo aside …
Did you move far from your former counselor?
Just so you know, if your son wants, he can still finish the badge with his old counselor.
We’ve had a lot of scouts do that because the troops in our communities overlap a lot.

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Don’t worry about it - the first 3-4 Eagle required that are finished will go to Star - there is nothing you need to do


HI, actually figured it out. I clicked around on the % completed of the merit badge and was given the ability to delete it. Thanks all!

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