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How to set up a fund for camp scholarships

Hi! Our pack recently received an amazing gift from a donor to help scouts offset the cost of camp. The family wants this to be used very specifically for camp. I would like to bring some suggestions as to how to implement this at my next parent committee meeting. Does anyone have a similar fund or suggestions as to how to set up guidelines for using the funds? We do popcorn sales in the fall and scouts can earn camp which we like to encourage. The fund is not large enough where we could set it up as an endowment fund where we just use the interest. I think we could get around 20 fully funded camp scholarships and our pack is around 40 scouts if that helps.

We have such a fund. We don’t make it super complicated. We ask that all Scouts apply for a council campership in addition to the troop one. If camp ends up about $250, the council campership covers about $100, the troop $100, and the family $50. Due to some past issues, our committee wanted the family to end up having some “skin the in the game”. A past experience was a family that received the campership, but the scout didn’t show up.

We use the attached form. Based on getting to know the unit families, between the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Treasurer, we have a good idea who is in need. We have not had to really make an uninformed call. It has been clear that those that fill out the form, have the need, and we have the funds to contribute. I could picture more complicated situations where you have more need than funds or have no clue if the need is real. For us, it really has been easy to decide and help.

Troop 1401 Campership Application.pdf (96.3 KB)


Our troop has a needs-based process similar to @Matt.Johnson’s. That’s because when we get donations they would cover a small number of scouts. A donation this large would last us years.

Generally, a pack’s institutional memory is not as long as a troop’s, so if the donors weren’t specific about a needs-based system, I’d recommend committing the pack using a lump sum method to pay a portion of the camp for everyone. Perhaps pitch in 25% of the donation every year for four years – or three years with some going to needs based scholarships. It really depends how many parents in you unit are struggling financially.

Be sure to have the scouts who participate sign a thank-you card to the donor from camp every year!

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