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How to track leave of absence in ScoutBook

Other than a note, is there a way to track a Scout that takes a leave of absence due to a school team, like Robotics, in ScoutBook? Any TTPs that other units used? Thanks.

It’s not something that we’ve tried to track in Scoutbook. What’s the function of the tracking? From a registration point of view, a scout is current so long as their dues are paid. Are you thinking more of a scout who is serving in a leadership role? If the scout isn’t able to execute that role, then I would probably talk to the scout about ending the role effective a certain date so that it can be filled by someone else who is available to serve the unit. The scout could then seek to serve in that or another position after the conflicting obligation (or other circumstance) is resolved.

I guess I’m not sure what you’re looking to do with the information. That might impact ways you could track it.

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It is more an admin tracking tool fir a Scout that leaves temporarily - you used to be able to mark a Scout as Inactive in the Member Manager I think. It isn’t critical but the SM asked so I told her I would check the forums. They would have to leave their leadership position if they are gone for 6 months - not fair to their Patrol.

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