How to transfer unit forums into new system

Our unit has invested hundreds of hours over the years in unit forums. We use this to transmit key information from year to year and leader to leader. These are now read-only. Can Scoutbook provide a migration path for units that depend on unit forums for content.

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James - how recently did your unit use the forum ? If within the past few months it should be listed at the top of the topics.

@Stephen_Hornak I think he’s asking about moving the content to the new platform.

Unfortunately, your best option is cut and paste.

James- if indeed you meant as Jacob stated then indeed it is copy/paste with new topics to house the content on a one for one. My apologies for misunderstanding your post.

How can I find that old data? When I click Forums today, it brings me to the new platform, which tells me there is nothing.

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Noora, in Scoutbook you should see a link to “Legacy Forums”.

Noora - go to legacy forums at the top should be the old unit forums.

From the home page (not the unit page), legacy forums.

Cut/paste is fine for a handful of content. We have significantly more resources to transfer. I have been asked to take over these resources and the cut/paste option is not attractive given that I do not know what is worth transferring and what is not. At my work we recently switched to a new system for our blogs and the IT team made a point of transferring all old content over for us, so that we could easily purge unnecessary content within the new system. Also had the positive effect of forcing us to start using the new system.

If we are one of few troops using unit forums to this extent, we can trudge through this. But it seems odd to encourage the use of unit forums, and not support the direct transfer of that content in the new system.

Agree or disagree with the reasoning, the unit treatment is in line with the rest of the forum content. It’s all (just) day forward.

In the short term you could link back to the legacy threads for reference. Then start moving over what’s updated, most used, or still timely.