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I am unable to add camping nights or service in the new IA form

I realize that you can no longer add camping nights or service hours in Scoutbook but must instead go to Internet advancement. I did that, and I see the items that were transferred over but there is no button to add new nights and/or service. I’ve looked at help documents and my account seems to be missing that add button. I don’t know if it is because I am the advancement chair and am only trying to do it for my son. I’m baffled as what I see in the help documents is not what I see when I login.

@JacquelineBerger - could you post a screen shot of what you see in scoutbook.scouting.org ? There is a dropdown in the upper right where the BSA emblem that indicates your current status when you are logged in. As an example I have the unit position then I can click and change to parent view. I would also make sure that the unit key 3 have you designated in my.scouting as having the role of unit advancement co-ordinator.

I think something may be screwy though. I am a troop admin and created an event and put 3 scouts in it, but if you look at their individual activity records they are not showing up, and the summary shows 0 days/nights. I’ve done this several times before, not sure why this one isn’t working.

Something is certainly not right.

Have you checked to see if the activity entries you made are waiting for approval? Camping nights, miles hiked, etc are not included in a Scout’s totals until they’ve been approved. To check, you can bring up the roster in IA and then click on “Pending Items” to see if there are unapproved entries.

What roles do you have assigned in my.scouting.org? Those may be different that what you see in Scoutbook, and those govern whether or not you can approve activity logs in IA2.

Assistant Scoutmaster. This whole Key 3 thing is a real PITA.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree. My CC set me up as a Key 3 Delegate last year for other reasons, and it’s been a godsend during this transition on the logs (and everything else).


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