I cannot change the Eagle Rank version year

I am trying to change the Eagle Rank version to 2016 as my Scout finished her Eagle before July. However i am not being given the option. What can i do?

@NoahBlumofe you just click the version to change it
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 2.22.01 PM

It does not show up on my screen. It’s not an option

then you have the rank completed - clear the completion date from the rank

It looks like the scout has already been through the EBOR and it is approved and good to go.

I didn’t complete it, someone else in BSA did. I am trying to print out her Advancement report to be able to buy the Eagle Kit and it won’t show the EBOR having been completed AND won’t allow me to correct it.

It should be on the needs purchasing report - that is all you need and the shop report from there

I’ll try that way. Thank you.

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