I cannot move someone who has "expired"

[Viewed from the Organization Manager > Position Manager] Our COR “retired” and (I believe) when the Council went to swap her out with the new COR, instead of moving her to Unit Scouter Reserve, they moved her to the Committee list. When we tried to move her out of the Committee list (she isn’t trained for Committee), it says she has “expired” and we can’t move her since she is grayed out. When I asked the Council admin, she said that she couldn’t move her either. So now, she is “stuck” on our committee list. Can someone move her over to the Unit Scouter Reserve? Her BSAID is 13976224. Thank you.

Your new COR or COR delegate should be able to change her position within the unit.

Neither of us can (we’ve tried) she is grayed out.


Your council staff may need to open a ticket with BSA Member care.