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I had Admin access as an ASM but now I do not

I had two accounts in Scoutbook. 1 was for my Cub Pack as a leader (Cubmaster) and 2 was for my Troop as an ASM. My YPT expired and I was out of country and the Troop had to recharter. They dropped me from the roll to complete recharter. Now that we are done, my Cub Login is gone (no visibility) and I still receive the emails from Scout book. My Troop login is visible but i have no admin capabilities and cannot RSVP to any events either. My Troop and council cant help. I need to get this resolved and need some guidance please.
Carson O.
Troop 608 - Atlanta Area Council - Button Gwinnett District - Suwanee, GA
Pack 518 - Northeast GA Council - Apalachee District - Suwanee, GA

The units can fix this on their own - talk to the unit admins

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You need to become a registered leader/committee member with a background check and YPT. Then the CC can grant you access.

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