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I have a Scout aging out in early January. How do I recharter him?

I have a Life Scout who ages out in early January. Ordinarily, I just wouldn’t bother rechartering him, but if he’s anything like our last two Eagles, he’ll be turning in his application the day before he turns 18.

Do I really need to charge this scout a full year’s membership for his last few days as a scout?

@JamesWalls - best advice is if there is the chance of eagle project/paperwork being turned in after the charter expiration, then if not registered no advancement can continue.

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Scout has to be registered to get rank (other than EBOR)

I would contact your Council and ask. If all the work is complete before Jan 1, he may not need to be rechartered, however, if anything is finished in 2022, even Jan 1, he probably has to pay for a full year.

And I would assume that registration fee would cover his soon-to-be adult registration for the rest of the year, which if he is going to continue to help with the unit, or is a member of a Crew, or wants to continue his OA membership, he would need.


First, you don’t want to promote the scout to “adult” until his/her Eagle paperwork has been certified by BSA National and you have his/her Eagle credentials. Once (s)he’s an adult in the system, (s)he’s no longer a scout and updating any work he/she did as a scout becomes another level of difficult.
Otherwise, here’s what I learned: To “promote” a now 18 year old to Unit College Scouter Reserve (etc.) you have to remove them from the roster under “Manage Members” then under the same tab, “Add new member”. Type in their information, use the drop down to add new position then upload your file with their adult application, CBC and YPT


Can someone get word to the powers that be to add this to the FAQ?

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Last I heard the developers were planning on adding an option under the pencil to allow users to change registration types.

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