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I have a scout listed twice in Scoutbook

I have a scout listed twice in Scoutbook. One has his full profile and the other is blank. What do I do?

What is his bsa member number?

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I have the same situation. Although, the “duplicate” profile is not blank. The parent seems to have added merit badges to this profile. My local council attempted to merge the profiles, but I was left with the wrong “profile” in internet advancement 2.0. It has been greater than 72 hours since the merge. BSA ID 13035828.

In the end, I want the “Sammy” profile to be removed from Scoutbook and the “Samuel” entry to remain.

@WilliamDoonan I can merge these but on advancements only rank will merge (Scout ranks are currently not approved in the accounts ???) - and underlying requirements for ANYTHING will be lost in the Sammy account - are there any actions you need to take before I merge them?

Sounds good DM. The Sammy account is basically trash and is ready to go (I believe a parent created it somehow). I hope to end up with the Samuel B. profile who is Tenderfoot rank, has 12 merit badges earned, and has 3 awards earned.

I believe that I can repair anything that is lost after the merge. Correct me if I am wrong, but eventually the repaired Samuel B. in Scoutbook will sync to council.

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@WilliamDoonan ok it is fixed - you might need to log out and back in - if not synced try unapproving the membership > Save > then reapprove it

Thanks a ton…that’s been driving me crazy! We currently use Troopmaster and I am trying to get smart on Scoutbook to see if we need to make the transition. I’m a rookie in SB and really appreciate the help.


Looks perfect!

Thanks a ton,

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