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I have lost 3 scouts from the troop scout book when I was trying to send a second invite to join a patrol

The 3 scouts just disappeared from our troop account. Is their an archive or history fine that I can go to reinstate the missing scouts?

Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections and search for the Scouts there. If you find them, click their name then their Membership page. Find the membership for your troop, remove the end date and click Update.

I tried it but when I clicked on the scouts name it brought me back to my dashboard.

From the troop roster page click you name > your positions > your current troop admin position > update.

I did that then went and did your first instructions. no change.

Hi, @JamesNewell_Jr,

I guess I’m a bit confused. As a unit admin, when I “invite” scouts to join a patrol, they automatically change patrols, no need for an email to be accepted.

You are a unit admin, not a patrol admin, yes? Do you have full control connections to the scouts you’re trying to move (or, rather, did you before the original move)? Do you show full control permissions to the other scouts in your unit?

The text at the bottom of the invite scouts menu says “If you are a leader and have Full Control permissions to each scout, pressing Invite will trader the scouts into the patrol without any email invitations being sent.”. I just tested it and it worked fine shuffling my scouts around.

James - please walk us through the process you were working step by step as that may actually get you to a solution.

Are these scouts 18 years old or older?

No the scouts are not 18 or older on is a brand new webelo crossover

Can you walk us through your steps and perchance to a solution.

I’m having what seems to be the same or very similar Issue. I’m the SM – I had put two of my new scouts into a patrol a couple months ago and as of yesterday I was locked out of accessing anything in their accounts (just the two I still had access to all my other scouts) I re-invited both back into the patrol with no avail. Then the system locked up on me-- when I tried again a few hours later on a different computer I regained access to the system but still saw that both scout names were still black and couldn’t be selected -so I then removed one scout from the troop and when I clicked back to home and re-accessed the troop, then the patrols it appeared I reset something within the troop and the one scouts name appeared back in the patrol as he originally was- now I could access his info. so I thought why not try to do the same thing with the other scout-unfortunately he has disappeared- while I have found him in my connections, I still cannot select the scout to get him back-- suggestions?


Either ask another unit admin to connect the Scout to you or send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, unit and council and ask that the Scout be connected to you.

k will try that thanks!