I have two id's

I have two Scoutbook IDs. One has me as a parent of my two boys with no ability to control the troop (ID 2554342) and the other has my leadership roles (11238500). How can I merge the two?

My council as been unable to help and our scout master could not fix it either.

Thanks! Tara Quirke

@TaraQuirke we will look at it

@TaraQuirke think it is fixed if you can please check

@TaraQuirke how were you accessing the second account out of curiosity

The one with my two boys was tquirke user name. My scoutmaster sent me screenshots of the other one with all the roles. I think I accidentally signed in through gmail 1x which screwed the whole thing up.

Just checked and it is fixed! Thanks SO MUCH!

yeah they were messed up a little - never seen 2 quite like that - glad it is fixed

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