I just recently lost access to my troop in My Dashboard

Dear Scoutbook, I no longer have access to my troop (Troop 236 St. Petersburg) in My Dashboard. My user name is eggimann. It appears I have lost my Key 3 status. Can you please research and get back to me?

I don’t show you currently registered in a key 3 position, at least not under the member ID you have in your login. Please contact your local council registrar

@roberteggimann looks like your recharter lapsed. Talk to council

We are with a Methodist church and received an extension to June 30th.

@roberteggimann talk to council is all we can tell you


Even though UMC charters were extended to June 30, member registrations were not. Each member still has to renew their membership for 2022. Your registration has lapsed which is why we said you will need to speak with your Council.

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