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I lost the purchase order

I entered all the info into scout book after our meeting. Summer camp merit badges, rank advancements.
I must have marked them awarded before I made the purchase order. Is their any way to go back so I know what I need to purchase?

Try going to:

Troop Reports -> Needs Awarding

Do you see anything listed there?

I made the mistake of “awarding” all the merit badges and rand advancements before I made the purchase order. I had to go back and un-award it all , print the purchase then award them all again

@DougGurriell Were you able to get what you needed?

In a case like yours, it might be helpful to Export / Backup the Scout Advancement csv file and open the file up in a spreadsheet program. Then sort / filter based on the AwardedDate field.

I was able to un- award the stuff and then print a purchase and advancement report. Now I’ll go back and award everything. It might be helpful if a warning popped up before you award to make sure you printed the purchase and advancement report

The pop-up warning is a great idea!

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