I need Donovan McNeil to help

Hi Donovan, do you remember when you took control remotely of my computer to help me with the two Jacob Smith’s? One Jacob was from Circle 10 Council and was entered into my Scoutbook with the Louisiana Purchase Council. You tried to help…but unfortunately could not. You were getting the message to the other folks at Scoutbook.
Can you believe that NOBODY has helped me?

Today I finally got this response: Cyndi McAnear commented:
*Thank you for contacting Boy Scouts of America. Jacobs id is updated but he is showing in the wrong council, you should be able to edit his record and set the correct council. Please let me know if you have problems with this option. *
If you need additional assistance, please call us at 972-580-2489 Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm Central time or reply to this email.
Thank you for your support of Boy Scouts of America.
Member Care Contact Center

This is my response:
After adding the scout into my account…yes, it does not mix it up with Circle 10 Council now (thank goodness). But I am back to this error when I try to advancement sync with his BSA ID:
BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first.

This poor kid can’t get a Bobcat badge and 4 belt loops because of this issue. Please help. My local council does not have access to help me. He has already been removed and then added.

Donovan, I will be happy for you to attempt this again…but I am not sure it will work. Does this scout need a new BSA # to fix this???

Kristi Davis

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Maybe they can still help…I got this message in reply:

That is what I was afraid of, I can see his id but it still shows as Circle Ten. I am going to escalate this to the developers.

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Yeah this is something staff has to fix

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