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I see our "pack" forums. Is there a "council" or "district" one?

i see our “pack” forums. Is there a “council” or “district” one?

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not at this time - and we have not heard for certain on future plans

There is a category for the national my.Scouting Tools used by unit, district and council Scouters.

I have a discussion topic with information for Chartered Organization Representatives who are council Scouters.

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It would be great if we could have Council/District forums. What needs to be done to make this happen?


District and Council professionals would need to start asking for forums via their internal BSA contacts.

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Council professionals do not set policy for the council, the council elected council members at large and chartered organization representatives do. Most districts are geographical subdivisions of a council with volunteers supporting units.

As a district volunteer on council operating committees I am asking for a council/district category so all volunteers have a place to discussion items that affect more than one Scouting program.


Exactly. we have a LOT of small packs in my district. some with as few as 7 cubs. we want to Coordinate more - without resorting to facebook.


A forum which my local council/district can use would be great. It would be a great way to communicate directly with others in my council/district regarding council/district wide events and issues. Especially useful for those district/councils that suffer from wide geographic spaces (such as in rural areas) or those that suffer from poor communication strategies. I’m happy to volunteer to set this up for my district/council, just let me know what to do.

@BrendonHoch - one key thing would be to provide the url for the forums as not every leader or unit is in scoutbook. Easy to add the url on council and district pages. But buy in is the big hurdle.

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Didn’t somebody say “If you build it, they will come?” :wink:

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A lot of the discussion on this is who will moderate??

@CharleyHamilton - I think between my civil engineering background and yours we could build it :slight_smile:

That was not what I was requesting. A category in the Scoutbook-wide forums is not the same as having a forum for each district.

Scoutbook’s primary mission is to provide advancement support for units.

If it’s council or district level - I would believe that the various council or districts would.

Just like I would for my pack forums

True. Units are the core. But none of us do it alone and many of us are mutli unit

I think that the discussion @DonovanMcNeil is referring to is from the council/district side: “Assuming we go forward with this idea, to whose unfunded mandate do we add this task?” I know a lot of our adults are already overloaded at the council level, and I imagine other councils are similarly understaffed (at least on the technical side). Even with the SUAC and the “official” BSA mods trying to keep us civil and on topic, we occasionally wander down the rabbit hole and either need a reminder about the scout law or some help splitting a discussion off into its own topic. How many mods are needed at each council/district level? How do we (i.e .council/district) identify them? Do we have enough techy volunteers at that level that we can leverage them to moderate the forums?

@Bill_W, are you thinking of something of the structure similar to what we see in unit forums? Scouts/scouters/parents log in and see (at the top of their page) three forums:

Council ### - Troop ####
Council ### - District XXXXXXX
Council ###

or are you imagining something more like



I personally would rather see the former (assuming it was pursued) at first blush, so that various units could interact (i.e. digital roundtable) on more local issues. At the same time, that would potentially require “secure” topics/subforums where official council/district personnel could conduct discussions outside of the general view (i.e. digital district committee meetings). All of that said, I tend to do my digital roundtabling in the Scouts BSA forums…

No and none of the above structures. Maybe the general discussion category should be “District Operations & Unit Service” for all to use.

You guys are talking about two different things… Both would be useful, but both require resources to implement and sustain.

In a perfect world, I’d like to see both – a BSA-wide forum for Council and District Scouters to interact with and also a very specific forum for my Council, FSC, and District to supplement Roundtable communication.

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I think you are all batty over the need to moderate. Way too much thought into it.

I just want a forum that shows up for my council or district that is partitioned off from others (so as not to spam them) like my pack forums are.

Moderating it would be up to the people who use it.

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While Scoutbook’s mission may primarily be advancement, the forums have greatly expanded beyond the original goal (which is a good thing). Just look at many of the topics in the forums that have nothing to do with advancement. Especially now that the forums are a separate infrastructure from Scoutbook itself, it lends itself to expansion.

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