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I used to be able to create useful Reports

It works for the Troop I am the scoutmaster for. It doesn’t on the troop I am the Assist ScoutMaster. This is a change since last week…and annoying.

@SusannaGirard - are you a unit admin where you are ASM ?

Yes I am the Unit Admin for both Troops. I can only create reports under one troop.

@SusannaGirard, just to confirm what Donovan and Stephan have indicated, the reports have not been removed. The developers will look into why you are not seeing them available.


I’ve sent you a private message on this. Check the upper right corner.

When I go in to reports, I don’t see a report builder manager. I need to enter a scout rank advancement so I can get his rank badge but I don’t get that option anymore.

So, I am thinking this may go back to the Key3 issue. I can pull up the reports page as the Scoutmaster (also the Unit Admin). The next issue I have is that when I open the report page, I get this

My issue is that if I click the Dashboard, it takes me back to the SB dashboard. Now I have two SB tabs open. What is the reasoning for the extra tab?
And seems like the first page has way too many choices. Not sure why you would need hide or unshare

I don’t know what “hide” does, but sometimes I create a report for a specific purpose, that I then share with another leader. It may be something that they no longer need to worry about (e.g. rank advancement for a particular patrol, if they are reassigned to another patrol as an ASM adviser).

I don’t use it very often, but I do use it occasionally.

The Hide feature allows you to select which reports appear on your Dashboard Reports Menu’s “Report Builder Shared Reports” and “Report Builder Reports” submenus. Users might not be interested in seeing all the reports that are available from the Report Manager, especially when there are a plethora of reports created and shared by others, and which might be crowding your Report Menus.

@SharonPeterson What is your role within your unit? And what is your registered position?

I’d also say that report builder is not where you enter advancement. For individual scouts, you go to the unit roster, click their name, click their advancement, click the rank they are working on, click the individual req, enter the date and check approved, and click update.

I am the troop’s Advancement Chair and in a Troop Admin position. I’ve been entering rank Advancement and merit badges earned for a few years now.

When I go under unit roster, Scout name and click on the next rank to be earned, nothing happens. I have a scout that earned his Scout rank that I need to get recorded so I can get his rank badge. I also do not see any place to record merit badges earned any more.


From the scout’s page, scroll down to [scout name]’s advancement. Clicking that will allow you to click on ranks to enter rank requirements and also add merit badges that they are working on.

@SharonPeterson - where have you normally entered advancement items:
scoutbook.com or scoutbook.scouting.org ? The process and steps are a touch different.

Scout book. Scouting.org

@SharonPeterson - like this:

The “Record Advancement” no longer appears since the latest update to Internet Advancement (see attached).


Internet Advance issue.png

Isn’t Record Advancement a subset of the Record Progress drop-down? My screen looks like this if I select one or more scouts, then select “Record Progress”:

@SharonPeterson - that is exactly what @CharleyHamilton has shown. Click o Record Progress.

Mine doesn’t have the Record Advancement option. It only lists the other 3 options.

@SharonPeterson, you might not be listed as either Key 3 (unit leader, committee chair, chartered organization rep), Key 3 Delegate, or Unit Advancement Chair in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting. The K3D and Unit Advancement Chair have to be redesignated each time the charter expires/renews.

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