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I used to be able to create useful Reports

The “Record Advancement” no longer appears since the latest update to Internet Advancement (see attached).


Internet Advance issue.png

Isn’t Record Advancement a subset of the Record Progress drop-down? My screen looks like this if I select one or more scouts, then select “Record Progress”:

@SharonPeterson - that is exactly what @CharleyHamilton has shown. Click o Record Progress.

Mine doesn’t have the Record Advancement option. It only lists the other 3 options.

@SharonPeterson, you might not be listed as either Key 3 (unit leader, committee chair, chartered organization rep), Key 3 Delegate, or Unit Advancement Chair in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting. The K3D and Unit Advancement Chair have to be redesignated each time the charter expires/renews.

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On January 20 I was able to record Rank Advancements and Merit badges earned (this was after our recharger). It was just after Internet Advancement was modified and the hiking, camping, etc options were added that the Record Advancement option disappeared.


It’s probably worth checking with the Key 3 to make sure you’re still designated in the OSM. I’ve fallen out a couple of times as a K3D.

There’s a good chance that was before your recharter was processed. Once it was, all functional roles designated in the organization Security manager are wiped out.

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@SharonPeterson - the timing of your inability does seem to line up with a recharter processing. The first place I would have gone is to my Key 3 to ask to be re-added to UAC and key 3 delegate status.

I am now able to enter advancements. Sometime after January 20 my key 3 status was deleted (we rechartered by the end of November).

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@SharonPeterson - that is the expiration of one charter period and the beginning or another. It is an automated process. The delegates and UAC expire 12/31 typically.

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The date you submit your recharter paperwork is irrelevant. Councils cannot start processing recharter paperwork until after the BSA closes out the previous year. This year, Councils were not able to start processing recharter paperwork until late in the first week of January. Functional roles defined in Organization Security Manager are reset when recharter is processed.

We have asked the BSA to leave functional roles in place if an individual in a functional role is rechartered in the same leadership role held the previous year. We do not know if this will be implemented for 2021 recharters.

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I know that our unit’s charter (submitted in December) was finally processed in early March. Everybody was jammed up with the changes to fees, etc at the end of last year.

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