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IA 2.0 - Import - Hyphenated Names don't match

We have two scouts with hyphenated last names. I export the TXT file from TMWEB 2.0 and import it into IA 2.0 and receive the error message “99999999: Name Scout user cannot be found”. 9999999 is the BSA ID and Name is the scout’s name and both seem to match between TMWEB 2.0 and IA 2.0. I didn’t have problems with other scouts – only these two with hyphenated last names. Is there an issue in the import for hyphenated names? How do I get more information on why these scouts are not matching?

Send an e-mail to with the Scout’s names, BSA#s, unit and council. In your problem description make sure you specifiy this is a problem with Internet Advancement 2.0.

Thanks. I’ve just sent the email. I hope I get an answer soon!