IA Activity Entry pops up unregistered notice for registered Scouts

I was just supporting a Council member as an ACC in troubleshooting a problem with service hours entry and noted when I go to activity entry direct from the Scout profile for my AOL in Scoutbook it throws a pop up indicating membership is expired or expiring with the option to renew or cancel. I have verified our charter posted last week and membership is current. This does not happen going directly to the activity logs for the unit as either a Key 3 or a parent, only going there from the Activity Logs button on the Scouts individual page in Scoutbook

The member I was helping to troubleshoot will be posting separately but is getting another error attempting to add her children for service hours not being allowed due to being “expired”. I verified their Troops charters are posted and the Scouts are registered.

this is a know issue and there are banners in most systems explaining it

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