IA didn't load today either

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IA had trouble loading today too. Firefox 89 on a PC, relatively modern.

IA loaded eventually after several shift-refresh attempts. Per the previous topic, this may be a gateway timeout issue.

I see this behavior in FF but not Chrome - it has been reported

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I have been trying to get into “Internet Advancements” for the last week.
I am on a Mac using “Chrome”. I was able to update “advancements” 3 weeks ago before heading out to MaKaJaWan.

Is this just the system being overloaded by all the camp updates ?

I have all credentials to make the updates, since I was doing it 3 weeks ago.

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It works for me. There would be much more of a ruckus if it didn’t work for a week!

When you say “it didn’t load”, where is it getting stuck for you?

I am on a Mac using Chrome, and have not been able to load service hours for the Scouts in over a week.

@KashnaFletcher - could you explain “load” service hours ?

Yes, under the “Activities”, the system allows me to input/create a service activity with date, time, address, type, etc. But, when I try to assign the number of hours for each activity — I receive an error. It does that for both “Basic” for all of the Scouts to receive the same amount of hours and “Advanced” when inputting individual service hours for each Scout.

@KashnaFletcher - from the roster check off the participating people, then click record progress and select service and proceed that way.

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It is still giving me an error.

@KashnaFletcher - what is your role in the unit ? What is listed for you in my.scouting.org? If my.scouting.org does not have a functional role for you then I would get with a key 3 and make sure things are properly set up for you.

Hi Stephen,
I am the Rechartering Rep and listed as a Key 3 member.

Kashna Fletcher

@KashnaFletcher - so you are either Charter organization rep, scoutmaster/cubmaster or committee chair is that correct and that is what is listed at my.scouting.org un your registered positions and functional roles? I do not however recall a rechartering rep position.

@KashnaFletcher - perhaps posting your BSA id would help the SUAC team figure out the issue and screen shots of the error if possible.

I am the Chartered Org Rep. I should be listed as a Key Three Member with permissions to add this information. Screen shots are attached for the error I am getting now. [quote=“Stephen_Hornak, post:13, topic:245134, full:true”]
@KashnaFletcher - perhaps posting your BSA id would help the SUAC team figure out the issue and screen shots of the error if possible.

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 8.37.25 PM