IA Events: Can't delete / remove "Notes/Details"

I am the Advancement Chair for two troops. I create and manage the Activities listings in IA for both troops. I tried to edit the “Details” and “Notes” fields for some existing events today, and I cannot do so. I don’t understand why the system will allow me to create an event, but will not allow me to edit the details associated with the event after the fact. This feels like a bug.

Here is an example of the “Details” section that I am referring to. I am unable to edit these types of fields.

What browser and operating system are you using?

Windows and Microsoft Edge

@BrianHeflin - I just entered an overnight for my pack and was able to edit the notes section in firefox

To Jennifer: I am also on a PC. To Steven: I will try Firefox.

Jennifer & Stephen. I am befuddled. I tried Firefox, and the editing ability exists there. So then I went back and tried Microsoft Edge again, and now… the editing function is working fine in Edge as well. I don’t understand?!? I didn’t do anything different either time: this afternoon or this morning.

@BrianHeflin - if i had to take guess it would be browser cache/session cookies. Most do not realize that. My favorite is its deductible which if i do not clear cookies i get a blank site

Stephen & Jennifer, I finally figured out what is going on! You can not apparently COMPLETELY delete a note. You have to replace it with something. That does seem to be a bug. Please try that and see if it duplicates with you. Put a sentence in the “Camping Details” field. Save it. Close it. Then go back and try and delete it. It won’t let you.

@JenniferOlinger @Stephen_Hornak , I didn’t realize initially that the problem was limited to the deletion of a comment. So the bug is that a “Camping Details” comment can’t be completely deleted. It has to be replaced with something, if only just a period. This should be fixed, because it is not intuitive.

@BrianHeflin - you know that is great troubleshooting. Let me try that when i get home

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@Stephen_Hornak @JenniferOlinger , it applies to the “Description/Notes” block with service hours as well. Same bug. P.S. Thank you for the kind words.

@BrianHeflin - same api same interface. Same deal… and it is not a scoutbook bug as all of this is in IA2

@Stephen_Hornak , that computer language just went over my head! Please translate! (And true, I should have said it was an IA bug!)

@BrianHeflin - ALL of the logs for scouts and scouters are in advancements.scouting.org and NOT in scoutbook as you should have noticed by the user interface. Again it comes down to the user browser interaction with the database

@Stephen_Hornak , did the deletion problem duplicate for you?

@BrianHeflin - heck not home yet to try… but edit did work… give me a few and i will post the results:-)

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@Stephen_Hornak , Wilco! And I will do my best to remember to not confuse IA with Scoutbook next time! Thank you for trying to help me figure this out. I just want things to go smoother for the next guy/gal should they go in and try to delete a comment from these particular fields.

@BrianHeflin - i totally get that and great effort on your part and for being understanding

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I have reported the bug to the developers. It has been added to the backlog.

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