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ILST Patch

The ILST course is expected to be conducted at the Troop level, and the BSA does not have any kind of program design that can be used for an optional Patch, unlike NYLT and NAYLE. There is, however, a “Trained” Strip that can be awarded and worn.

The attached optional ILST Patch design was created with the following in mind:
It is round in shape. (Represents the commitment to begin learning about leadership in the first of three BSA Courses.)
The Patch center is taken from of the center of the Troop Flag, including a portion of the red top and white bottom of the Flag. (Represents the level this training is conducted.)
The black compass points ring surrounds the yellow band. (Represents the reinforcement of the FDL pointing the right way in life and the link of leadership training to the NYLT and NAYLE Courses.)
There are four quadrants that alternate in red and blue. (Also represents the link of leadership training to the NYLT and NAYLE Courses.)
There is “RGC - TX” in red underneath the black compass band. (This patch is sold at The Rio Grande Council in Texas and can currently be purchased for $5.00 by all the Troops or trained individual Scouts within Council.)

There are not many Troops that would purchase a Troop numbered customized ILST optional patch.

I offer this design to you for adoption and modification, or to serve as a starting place for your own unique design.



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We might make one for ILSS (Sea Scout Ships).

That sounds great! If designed and offered as a money maker through the Council, then you’ve contributed a unique patch to the youth, perhaps stirred up some interest in attendance of ILSS and ILST, as well as helped Council make a few bucks.

Attached is a pic of a Merit Badge Sash with all three Leadership Training Patches displayed on the back.

Thanks for your comment, too!


It’s a nice patch, but I have to point out that technically the TRAINED patch on a youth uniform means they’ve taken ILST in their current POR, and another temporary patch is unnecessary.


I agree with and appreciate your assessment that its a nice patch, and that the “Trained” strip means that the Scouts have taken the ILST Course and/or the Den Chief Course. (Although the Scouts may take the ILST Course even if they do not hold a POR.) Please note that the ILST patch is akin to the NYLT patch, also offered for purchase after taking the NYLT Course, while also having an “NYLT” strip that replaces the “Trained” strip.

I also support your opinion that one or both, or any temporary patches are unnecessary. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment!


I like the patch and while it is perhaps “unnecessary” I have no issue with a troop making use of it.

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I really like this patch.

Good eye and comment. Thanks!

I really do, too…along with Bluebonnets and Mockingbirds. Thanks!


@COL_Ret_RobertMacEac - those patches are fantastic, where did you have them made ?

I don’t know where our Council or Philmont ordered the NYLT and NAYLE patches from, but here is the info re the ILST patch:

Shari Reuer Shari@advantageemblem.com RE: E01-001543 Skills for Troops



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