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I'm a new Advancement Chair. Do I have to use Internet Advancement?

I am a new advancement chair to a Pack that has not had one in several years. So far from what I have seen, its a fly by night deal where Leaders record scouts achievements in Scoutbook, print out the purchase order, purchase whats needed and then hand out belt loops and awards.

I am told that I need to utilize the Internet Advancement tool on our Councils website, but the Pack I am with has never done this.

Is this required? Suggestions? I want to really clean this up and do this right.


Scoutbook and Internet Advancement both write to the same database, so you can use whichever one you prefer. I do not know which council you are with, but the Internet Advancement tool on your council’s website is most likely a link to the BSA’s Internet Advancement website.

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If your unit already uses Scoutbook, there is no need to also use Internet advancement

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Option 3: No, you do not HAVE to use either Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. You can still utilize Form 34403 or if your Unit uses another form of software to track, there is often a method to print a document similar to this official form; however some Councils discourage the use of these non-standard documents.

Do keep in mind that both online tools are the official methods to ensure speedy and accurate data entry from your Unit. Paper forms are often prone to clerical errors and delays by the Council Registrar. Also, many online systems (Troop Master, Troop Web Host and the like) have methods to import into either Scoutbook and Internet Advancement.

Some councils require their units to use Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.

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Yep. Our Scout Shop won’t even accept paper forms for advancement any longer. We need to provide them with the report from Scoutbook or IA2 showing what we need to get – either emailed to them, or displayed on a smartphone for them.

I have to say, with our local Scout Shop a good 45 minutes away, I prefer this. It’s faster and paperless, so there’s no circus of trying to get the right paperwork to the right leader in time for them to head over there.

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Steve, what Council are you in?

Great Lakes Field Service Council in Metro Detroit.

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