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Inactive Scouts to Inactive Den

Our Pack has more than a few scouts that have dropped out. I don’t really want to remove them from Scoutbook, since technically they have paid for the year. Is there a way to remove scouts from multiple dens in Scoutbook without removing them from the Pack? I read in another thread that Troops can create an inactive patrol and move inactive scouts there, but for Cub Scouts, if I try to create an Inactive den, it says I have to pick a rank for the den, which I don’t want to do as I have scouts in multiple dens that need to be “hidden”.

The rank does not matter as they will not be earning things - if they show back up put them in their proper rank

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True, but it makes it confusing on 1st glance (which Wolf den is inactive vs active). I already have to look closely between our two Webelos dens (1 den is scouts working towards Webelos, 1 den is working towards Arrow of Light, I’ve commented on this previously) It would be nice if there was an advanced way to label a den without a rank (inactive, provisional, unassigned, etc). I believe new scouts appear at the bottom of the roster labeled as unassigned until placed in a den, this would also be an acceptable place to put inactive scouts (except its not possible right now).

I create a webelos den called “Inactive”


I use Webelos Den 99 Inactive for scouts that are still on our roster at My.Scouting, but have dropped for now. This den shows at the bottom of sorts by rank and by den #.

After I move a scout to this den, I then disapprove their membership (remove green check mark on their membership entry). This keeps them from being on the list of possible invitees for new calendar entries. As a side note, it does not remove them as an invitee for a previously created calendar event.


@BrendonHoch - If your Webelos dens have names, you can call them that. I find it easier to distinguish between names than to remember which one is Den 3, and which one is Den 6.

We label each den by grade. So for webelos we have a 4 and a 5. I also have a webelos 0 to put all inactive in.

Just advanced my “Bear Den 99 Inactive - all ranks” to Webelos to move it to the bottom. Not sure why I hadn’t thought of that!

I did this same thing i created a Webelos den since it didn’t have to be numerical den number and then transfered all inactives there so i didn’t have to “weed though them” for lack of a better term, when doing quick advancement

Yup, we do exactly the same thing. The other gotcha (or at least used to be, I have not verified recently) is that a disproved Scout also cant be removed from a calendar event.

The fact that there are many people using this technique speaks to the need for the Inactive den to be “rankless”. I feel especially weird about putting younger scouts into a Webelos den even if it is inactive. Alternatively, having some way to switch “active/inactive” for a scout (or even a leader) in the roster would be good. Once rechartering is processed, presumably the inactive den will zero out as scouts will be removed from the system by council. I am now using an inactive den and our Pack leadership seems appreciative. Thanks to all who have replied! :slight_smile:

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In order for the recharter process to remove Scouts who are no longer part of a unit, those Scouts need to be position approved (green shield with checkmark). The membership update ignores Scouts that are not approved.

Another option is just to end the Scout’s membership in Scoutbook. You can bring them back into the unit, if you need to.

It may have been updated but I have had Scouts re-added automatically after doing this.

Interesting. Thank you for the feedback! Yes, that might be relatively new behavior.

It has been within the last year and a half, the last time I remember was probably 6-9 months ago.

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