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Incorrect Name on Online App. How to change?

A parent mistakenly entered her name where her son’s name should be. How can I change to the correct name?

You could cancel the application and make them start over. Otherwise, contact your council registrar after it processes.

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The parent ends up with a member ID as well. You can self-service update name from profile if the my.scouting.org account is linked up to the member ID.

@brantgurga I don’t see where I would change the spelling of my kids’ names. Can you elaborate?

Ah, if it’s the kid’s name, I don’t think the parent could change that. I misread the original post and thought the parent’s name was entered wrong. If it’s the child and it gets processed, registrar is the best option I can think of.

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Contact the council registrar or when you recharter you will be able to change the name then.

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