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Increase in fees from BSA

Moments ago, our council leaders informed us that the fee that national charges will be raised from the current $33 to an unspecified amount. Does anyone know how much? Tonight is our pack recruitment night, I would like to give our parents an accurate picture of what to be expected.

National has not shared the amount of the increase yet. They’ve only committed to giving us a number by Oct 23.

Units are expected to plan their budget during the summer so they know how much to charge for dues for the year. How can they do this when they don’t know what’s coming from National? Plus, popcorn sales will be done by the time the information comes out, depriving many families of finding a way to offset the additional costs.

For an organization that promotes leadership, it seems to be lacking at the top levels… :angry:


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It’s been almost a week since my original post. I’m disappointed that no one from the National BSA office has replied or provided context on the situation. Even a ballpark estimate would be useful.

@BrendonHoch you will not see a response from National here - 10/23 is the date that has been given. In my mind since they have lost 25% membership with LDS leaving (although many are making traditional packs/troops - even female troops I have heard) I would suspect a 33% increase - that would make up for the loss. But we don’t know.


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