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Increasing Bugling Through Google Classroom

I have noted that Nationally our numbers for the Bugling Merit Badge have steadily been trending down and I would like to see that trend change. Recently I was introduced to Google Classroom and with the help of resources from Taps Bugler founder and American Legion Member Jari Villanueva and the Army band, I set about creating a Bugling Merit Badge Course that could take a Scout from having no knowledge of how to play to successfully playing. The Classroom can be exported to other Merit Badge Counselors for use. The course is all based on Students uploading videos with no direct interaction needed which makes it a good platform during this COVID-19 time. Please take a moment to join the Classroom as a student and let me know your thoughts on improvement. Let’s make Bugling have a comeback. Thank you for your help.


Classroom Code:


My Son Stephen is looking to do the Bugling Merit Badge. We have had a hard time finding a counselor. Would completing this through the Google Classroom fulfill the requirements? He was planing on competing it with the trumpet.

That’s awesome that Stephen is interested!

I based the Classroom off of the Bugling Merit Badge Requirements and believe it should suffice all requirements except serving as the Troop Bugler for 3 months.

Please have him take a look at it and share his thoughts.

Bugling Merit Badge Requirements:

Are you a Bugling Merit badge counselor?

Yes. I am the Bugling Merit Badge Counselor for my District’s Honor Guard/Drum and Bugle Corp. I’m happy to sign off on Stephen as well if you’d like.

My son Aden is signing in now. He is super excited. he wants to learn so bad but I dont know anything about bugling.

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Awesome Adam! I look forward to hearing Aden’s thoughts on the material and reviewing his progress.

That’s great news. Thanks. Steve is working on the calls and will download the videos when he is ready.

Chad you did a fabulous job laying out the google classroom! I’m going to see if either of my twins would want to try bugling. I have a bugle for the purpose of the Troop plus I wanted to learn so I think they may find it fun. If they don’t I will see if any of my other girls in the Troop wish to learn.

Thank you very much Lori! I hope your Twins and Girls give it a try.

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