Individual Advancement Record Erro

Developers…… please correct or bring back the Individual Advancement Record that was generated and downloadable through Scoutbook online website. It is a more user friendly tool than the Advancement Report through the App.

I still have patents and grandparents that struggle with electronics and the requirements found in the back of the hard copy of the handbook.

It is a time saver to print these reports and explain it to Scouts and Parents.


Todd Cutliff

@MichaelCutliff - i was able to generate that report in scoutbook. Not sure which app you are talking about. And difficulties with the handbook well that is the scouts official record so do not know what to tell you there.


The Individual Advancement Record was an official form produced by the program office that has not been updated for the current requirements.

We recommend using the Scouts BSA History Report if you want a report of a Scouts advancement.

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@MichaelCutliff The Individual Advancement Record report is working for me.

Where are you trying to access it? If you are having issues with particular Scouts, please post their BSA member ID number.

(No names, please.)

@MichaelCutliff Are you having issues with Scouts in this patrol?:

Nuclear Banana’s

If so, I think the issue might be because of the apostrophe in the patrol name. If you Edit Patrol and remove the apostrophe from the patrol name, that should fix the issue for you.

I was talking from Scoutbook online website. It appears that the new IA report is the only one now available. KNow that I know where it is, I will work wit that IA version.

This is the error I was talking about.

A whoops error can be caused by many different things. If you received this earlier today, you may have been online while the developers were attempting today’s planned update.

@MichaelCutliff Please change the patrol name for the Nuclear Banana’s to remove the apostrophe.

You can do this by using Edit Patrol on the Nuclear Banana’s patrol page in Scoutbook.

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I have had that same error constantly for months, at all times of the day and so has my Assistant Scoutmasters. As of last night I am using IA more in conjunction with Scoutbook online.

Thanks for the quick responses. I figured out a work around.



@MichaelCutliff The issue is that one of your patrols has an apostrophe in the name. That is the cause of the Whoops! error message.

Please Edit Patrol and remove the apostrophe from the name of this patrol, and the IAR reports should work:

Nuclear Banana’s Patrol

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@MichaelCutliff - could you just make the change to the patrol name and try again

It worked. Didn’t know the apostrophe made sure a difference.

Thanks for the help



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