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I am the Scout Master for our troop so I do have full rights in Scoutbook.

  1. Want to know why when I print out the roster with the adult members their mobile phone # does not show, only the home phone if they have one. But when I print out the scouts roster the adult parent/leader has the adult’s mobile phone number shown. Most of our group does not have a home phone any more.
  2. Why only the home phone #, if they have one, shows up in the roster for the scouts and not their mobile phone #? Again, very few with home phones most with cell phones.
  3. Also why can’t I put in an email address for the scouts. Only 1 parent has actually logged into Scoutbook once, the rest ignored the original request when I put them in. So we can’t even email the scouts about actives thru Scoutbook. So why bother fill out the calendar?
    Because of the above I have had to make my own roster so I have contact list to have with me. My SPL also has an email and phone list to contact scouts about our activities and I don’t believe that he has tried to log into Scoutbook.
  4. Also on another subject. How do we log other events like a kayak trips or other activities they do? or does it only show in the calendar if we put it there?
    Right now it seams like we are only using Scoutbook as a record holder for counsel.

#3 - solution for parents who don’t log in to Scoutbook

I recommend a Committee Member take on the Membership Coordinator position. Duties to include:

  1. Owning the process to get scouts registered on My.Scouting (council registration)
  2. Owning the sync of scouts from My.Scouting to Scoutbook (get issues of duplicates and BSA ID#'s resolved)
  3. Maintaining to roster details in Scoutbook and My.Scouting (contact info)
  4. Educating parents in how to use Scoutbook (login, calendar, and scout email)

All of these tasks are related to each other and needed for things to run smoothly, but separate from providing scouting to scouts. Having a MC take this on frees up the CC, SM, and ASMs to do their tasks.

Those are good points. I’ll forward them to the devs.

Only parents are allowed to access Scouts’ email addresses per COPPA and the BSA’s YPT requirements. That’s not going to change.

Even if the Scouts and parents don’t ever log into Scoutbook, the parent can receive email messages and calendar reminders, as long as they have an email address included in their profile.

Your SPL cannot log into Scoutbook until his parents grant him access.

At this time, the activity logs only track camping nights, service hours, and hiking miles. One of the reasons the logs were moved from Scoutbook to IA2 was to be able to add other types of activities (such as canoeing and kayaking, horseback riding, etc.). That’s already in the request log for the developers, but I don’t know when it will be implemented.

You can enter the activities by logging into IA2 and selecting “Activities” or by going to a Scout’s profile in Scoutbook and clicking on “Scout’s Activity Log”.

Not exactly, though it can seem that way. Scoutbook is your* tool to access your Scouts’ advancement records. It syncs with the National database, but it’s a tool for you to help the Troop run more smoothly.

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