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Information & Reporting Capabilities of SB

I’d like to understand the capabilities of ScoutBook and who may have access to create reports or input information. We’ve used SB for a large Cub Pack, but Scouts BSA poses more complicated records and safety needs. We currently use TroopMaster, which allows us to track medical form dates, vehicles, YPT, & lots of other info, though it doesn’t always upload info from BSA correctly. We use Shutterfly to plan trips, and Google for other needs. It’s a lot of duplication and time using so many disconnected resources. Before we switch over to SB, I’d like to have a full understanding of what reports are possible, what’s planned for the future, & what’s not going to happen, and what organizational support we might expect from future SB editions. I have looked for a list of capabilities and options, but I’m not finding a clear write up. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I’m a list person so here you go:

  1. Medical Forms A, B, C dates (I don’t expect ability to upload forms due to FRPA)
    1a. Scouts & Adults (registered, volunteer, leaders, MBC & otherwise).

  2. YPT exp dates for all volunteers (registered, volunteer, leaders, MBC & otherwise).

  3. Ability to input info for all adults (registered, volunteer, leaders, MBC & otherwise).

  4. MB Counselors & which badges
    4a. MB Counselor approval by Council
    4b. Ability to search MBC by Troop affiliation (not just 5m radius)

  5. Vehicle, License, Insurance info

  6. Financials (dues paid, trip payments, etc)

  7. Trip Organization (sign-ups for Scouts & Adults)

  8. Troop Landing Pages or websites within SB

I recommend going through the help information at:

since there is a lot more information there than anyone could provide in a few posts. It’s not ideally organized (I personally find wiki-style help difficult to navigate), but there’s more there than it seems. I am not aware of a full list of features posted anywhere.

  1. Store dates, yes for all associated with your unit in Scoutbook. Reporting, only for scouts IIRC.

  2. YPT status will generally only return for adult leaders registered with your unit. You can’t see other people like MBCs, unless they are also associated with your unit. Report is under My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Reports → YPT Status Report. If you use the Feature Assistant Extension, you can also get YPT status for all adults in your unit (e.g. parents), assuming that they have their BSA ID in their profiles.

  3. What info do you want to input/report? Unit Admins can edit profiles for all unit-related adults, but what information is there is limited. Reporting profile info for registered leaders is hit-or-miss, and there is no reporting of logs (camping/hiking/service). I know this has been requested, but where it is in the backlog (and with what features) is anyone’s guess.

  4. This is hit-or-miss as well. If the council has uploaded their list, then you can search MBCs by location. The results display whether or not the person will work with only their unit, only their district, or anyone in council, but there’s no way to filter on this. That’s been requested, but no timeline or scope from BSA.

  5. No storage or reporting.

  6. Take a look at the Payments Log feature. It’s not as functional as our unit wants, so we don’t use it.

  7. You can request RSVPs to any calendared event from anyone invited to the event, but it’s pretty primitive in some ways. Our unit generally uses the event descriptions to summarize key info, and includes to a link to other resources in the event description to handle details of sign-ups. I wouldn’t call it trip organization at all.

  8. There is a unit forum under (may require activation), but no document storage, webpages, etc. Our unit uses a separate service provider for document storage and web presence and links to those sites/documents as relevant.

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3… for leaders and scouts there are camping, hiking & service logs.
You are able to create a report as well, but there is no storage for these reports. We use our website for public documents and Google for non-shared documents.

HI Charley,

Thanks so much for your detailed and informative response. It sounds like SB is still evolving and there’s not yet a one-stop Scouting resource. That’s OK – it’s a lot. The confirmation informs some decision we need to make at our Troop level, and I am grateful for yours & other’s assistance.

Best, Laurel

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