Insert Upcoming Events not working

When trying to send messages and use the Insert upcoming events, an error now just pops up saying “Something went wrong, please try again or contact us”

@AdamCummings It looks like your Pack Admin role in Scoutbook was ended. I have requested a position sync.

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This function is not inherent for the Cubmaster?

Cubmaster is made Pack Admin when the position is created. Since your Admin role was ended, you lost many admin functions, which includes the ability to edit the calendar.

So Unit Key 3 also need to be Scoutbook Unit Admins in order to have that type of access? I (apparently) misunderstood that the admin privileges were inherent in the registered Unit Key 3 role, rather than being associated with an automatically-added Unit Admin role.

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Key 3 automatically get some functions, however, there are others that require admin. Since most units want their Key 3 to be admins, it is automatically added. The ability to end the Admin role of Key 3 is there for units that have a Key 3 that feels they should not have admin access to Scoutbook for whatever reason.

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Ahh, thank you! Do I just need to have someone add that back?


I thought the admin role would have come in with the sync Jennifer requested. I see it did not so I added it for you.

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Perfect, thank you for the help

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