Inside IA: my Scoutmaster profile has disappeared (parent/guardian profile remains)

hello and good day.

my Scoutmaster profile has disappeared from Internet Advancement, but my parent/guardian profile remains. I still have Scoutmaster rights within Scoutbook, however.

This is very strange and I can not enter volunteer hours for my scouts now as a result. Can someone please help me reinstate this access?



There are several existing threads on this issue. This is a problem that the developers are working to try to resolve. The SUAC folks have not been given a timeline that they can share, but it’s being worked at highest priority, per some of the posts.

The best way to keep track of when that issue gets fixed is to subscribe to the change logs for Scoutbook (Scoutbook Change Log - Scouting Forums ) and IA (Internet Advancement and Recharter Change Log - Scouting Forums ). When you subscribe, it sends an email whenever a change is released. It’s great for staying on top of both added features and bug fixes.

To subscribe, click the bell icon at the top or bottom and select “Watching”.