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Insurance Cost Increase

Our committee chair received an email yesterday from our council indicating that yearly insurance costs per scout/adult were rising effective 2020 from $1 to $12. From the email council sent: “For more than 15 years, the council has subsidized insurance costs and absorbed all increases, holding the per-registered-member rate at only $1, which is far below the actual cost”

I’m curious as to what other units/councils are paying for insurance. I also wonder if these insurance costs are a result of some the situations portrayed in recent media stories with regards to lawsuits against BSA. In general, these insurance costs seem excessive as most people are already paying medical & auto insurance and presumably the charter organization for the unit also has insurance.

Our council does not have a fee like that. We were told about a month ago that no council does that, but now it seems that several have picked that up.

Something is stinky here–if they’ve been charging an additional dollar for years, then it would not be true that no council has done that in the past.

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ours had a similar increase last year

The SFBAC also instituted a $12 insurance fee at the end of 2017 and then the next year added more due to financial issues around the loss of a couple larger donors. Unfortunately, being in the San Francisco Bay Area is expensive and this was needed to keep the Council from losing money. Compared to cost of other activities in the area (soccer, baseball, softball, etc…), the annual cost is still a good deal for us.

My council is also instituting a $12 starting in 2020. Fortunately, they gave us more than a year notice to plan for it.

There’s no doubt in my mind that at least a portion of it has to do with the lawsuits pending and risk of future lawsuits. (That’s my opinion as an insurance professional, not an SUAC member.)

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GLFSC raised their insurance rate from $1/year per adult to $12/year per adult for 2020. We’ve been paying the $1/year per adult for as long as I can remember.

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Grand Canyon Council increased theirs from $1.20/year to $63/year last year!

Membership and Insurance Fees

The financial state of different councils varies. Your chartered organization representative is part of the council committee and should have access to the council budget. So I would start with asking your chartered organization representative about local fees.


Accident and Sickness Coverage

This coverage is optional for councils and units. I do not know how it is paid for.


Del-Mar-Va Council has been charging $4 per person (youth or adult) per year. I have not yet heard whether this is changing for 2020.

Our insurance fee was $3/person, which was decided on because the $33 recharter fee plus $3 for insurance totaling $36 would be easily divided into $3 per month for prorating mid-year sign-ups. At the start of 2019 it went to $40 (so $7 for insurance) for anyone who wasn’t rechartered by the end of the year, or new sign ups. In our previous Council (our District was realigned into a different one), insurance wasn’t provided and the Council sent out pamphlets with recharter packets so we could sign up for our own. We assumed that was how it worked everywhere and at District events it was just standard practice that we’d confirm each Unit had their insurance up to date, which seemed to work for enforcing it.

Anyone who thinks these fees don’t/won’t have a direct impact on membership and re-enrollment is crazy. It is a good way of running ourselves out of business.

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Our council had an increase as well. There had been no communication that an increase was coming. Fingers crossed for decent popcorn sales to recover some of what we lost this year due to the increase. Increase in fees like this can really add up.

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