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Integrating SB with troop website

Our troop is in the process of switching from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. We would also like to have a stand-alone website that could serve as a front-end for Scoutbook (similar to TM), that would also be able to access cloud storage for documents and photos. Am wondering how you integrate Scoutbook with a stand-alone troop website.


Carlos, We used a combination of Google Drive, Photos and Calendar, the later of which is populated from Scoutbook Events calendar via a Calendar Feed URL (.ics) to manage content and display it within the Troop Website. The site which is built in WordPress and the Google properties are then embedded into the Gallery, Events and Documents pages. If you would like to take a look to see if that solution accommodates your needs, our troop site is located here: https://troop92tomsrivernj.com/. One other feature we added is any news items entered into the WordPress console, by default also create Facebook post to the Troop FB account. That can be opted out of on submit if the item is not deemed useful to also post on FB.

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Scoutbook can also reside in an iframe - I have seen that

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