Intercouncil Transfer Does not show advancement

I just had a Webelo transfer from another council. My local council office transferred him and he now has a new BSA ID and is showing in my roster. Unfortunately, his advancement did not transfer. I reached out to the local council and they indicated that I would have to manually enter the advancement. I have both old and new IDs. Is there any way to transfer his advancement records without having to manually enter them all?


Post his BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will investigate. Most likely the names on his 2 accounts don’t match.

Old ID is ID: 13899923 and he was in the Central NC Council
New ID is 14196175 and currently in Mecklenburg Council

Thank you!


I will look into this.


I have merged his Scoutbook accounts. You will need to put him in the Webelos den in your pack as I don’t have that capability.

I also recommend going to his connection page and using the Clean Old Connection button to remove any connections to his old pack.

Thank you! Our registrar is fairly new. Could he have done this?

Applications where filled out different (Middle Name) so matching did not work - nothing your registrar could have done

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