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Internet Advancement 2.0 file upload has error message in Safari - not in Chrome

I was trying to upload an advancement file from TroopWebHost into Internet Advancement 2.0 and I kept receiving an error message in Safari. The error message had no details.

I switched to use Google Chrome and the same advancement file from TroopWebHost uploaded without an error message.

I saw no strong suggestions to use Google Chrome so I thought I would add this to the forums.

UPDATE: this appears to be fixed and Safari can now (as of 7/20) be used to upload TroopWebHost advancement reports in Internet Advancement 2.0.


Please send and e-mail to with your name, unit number and council, a description of the issue and the txt that caused the error.

@AndrewGrillo-Hill so you get file in Safari and try to upload to IA - do you get the error immediately or after a second or 2 (like a time out)?

I’m using Chrome and get an error message (with no description of the error) when I try to upload TM Web .TXT files. I’ve also used Firefox and Edge. None of these works.

I called support last week at BSA and was given a lot of bad information (change the file name from import_whatever.TXT to the former named used for the IA 1.0 file names (something like ADVA###.CSV). That prompted a “Not correct file type” error message. The BSA person then told me it was an Troopmaster issue. Troopmaster says they are trying to work with BSA.

Others have reported issues with TM Web. Please contact them and ask them to work with the BSA to resolve the issue.