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Internet Advancement 2.0 Individual History Report error

We have an Eagle candidate submitting his packet. I am trying to print his Individual Advancement report through Internet Advancement 2.0 but keep getting the error; Report could not be loaded. Any suggestions? I’ve tried using Chrome, Firefox, both incognito and not.
I originally gave him the Scoutbook version of the Individual Advancement report but it was kicked back by the Eagle Board advisor as not acceptable.

The Guide To Advancement is clear all that a Scout has to turn in is the Eagle Application and the Letter of ambition. It is Council Staff job to verify all is correct. Then the EBOR takes the councils work


@BARBARABARFIELD - it would seem to me that this is adding to the requirements, which would be against the Guide to Advancement.

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Scoutbook and Internet Advancement both use the same database, so I don’t know why the Eagle board advisor thinks that one report is better than the other. The report formats are a bit different, but that’s it.

What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

I was able to get a report through our Council employee. Just wondering if others are also getting that error?

It is working for me. If you would like to provide the Scout’s BSA member number, when can try to see if there might be some other issue (Scout might have multiple accounts, or some other issue).

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